Equestrian Cocktail Napkin Holder

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Set out this handsome equestrian cocktail napkin box from Arthur Court at your Kentucky Derby party or when you host a buffet lunch at your local horse show. Its clever design features the ring-and-bar pattern of bit halves, and straps wrap and buckle around the sides of this elegant aluminum napkin box.

Every equestrian at your party will appreciate the extra effort you've gone to in providing such appropriately themed serveware even as the neat box keeps smaller cocktail napkins from blowing around and cluttering up the look of your sophisticated table. This aluminum box, made from a designer alloy and compliant with all FDA regulations, is easy to care for, requiring only dusting with a damp cloth, and it doesn't tarnish over time. Bit halves flank the opening in this piece, their ring-and-bar pattern resembling matching door handles. Leathery straps wrap around a metal square before buckling on the sides of this handmade, aluminum box.

Size: L: 6.0" / W: 6.0" / H: 2.0"
Care: Dust with damp cloth. Will not tarnish