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Salts of the Earth Gift Set

Salts of the Earth Gift Set

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Elevate your culinary creations with the Salts of the Earth collection - a meticulously curated selection of 8 unique salts sourced from diverse corners of the globe, each boasting its own distinct texture, color, flavor and mineral content. Enhance the depth of your dishes with the delicate crunch of Kalahari Desert Salt or add a touch of the unusual with India's black salt, Kala Namak. Transport your taste buds to majestic mountains with the rosy hue of Himalayan Pink Salt or indulge in the subtle sweetness of Bolivian Rose Salt. Experience the rejuvenating properties of Dead Sea Salt or infuse your dishes with the rich, smoky essence of Oak Smoked Salt. For a delicate finish, sprinkle Cyprus Flake Salt over your favorite dishes, or elevate your everyday creations with the exquisite Atlantic Fleur de Sel.


  • Each spice blend is meticulously packaged in an individual glass tube with a twist off lid, ensuring freshness and convenience
  • No added MSG, irradiated ingredients or preservatives
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Gift Packaged
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