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Ginori 1735

Rain Rock Creek Vide Poche

Rain Rock Creek Vide Poche

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Designer squared vide poche ( 5.31 in ) in pure porcelain.

It is dawn. A ray of sunlight filters into the wooden bungalow, and lengthens on the floor. In the vast canyon outside, the dry leaves are scrunched underfoot. And in the distance, through the trees, you can just hear the crashing of the waves at the water’s edge – the deep blue of the Pacific.

The picture, created by designer Luke Edward Hall, depicts the Rain Rock Creek, a fantastic memory of a trip to the Big Sur, one of the artist's favourite places. The article is unscented, it follows the decorative world of the Rain Rock Creek fragrance, with a designer plate and a porcelain box with lid.

It is available in the four other Fox Thicket Folly, La Gazelle d'Or, Rajathra Palace and Palazzo Centauro.

•Designer squared vide poche
•Dimensions: L 13,5 cm x L 13,5 cm / L 5,31 in x L 5,31 in
•Materials: pure porcelain
•Designer: Luke Edward Hall
•Made in Italy

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