Mottahedeh Dancing Monkeys Pair

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We call them the Dancing Monkeys. Our Monkeys illustrate Huet's 18th century satirical drawing. Satire is the art of making someone or something look ridiculous, raising laughter in order to embarrass, humble, or discredit its targets. This form of political commentary was prevalent in during this time period. The 1700 and 1800's were known as the age of satire and there were plentiful examples of animals dressed and acting as Humans. Creamware is creamy colored English earthenware of the second half of the 18th century and its European examples. Staffordshire England potters, experimenting in order to find a substitute for Chinese porcelain, developed a fine white earthenware with a rich yellowish glaze around the year 1750. As it was a pleasing light color in body and with a clear glaze, it proved very useful for the table. It also allowed potters to make detailed shapes and finely wrought decorative accessories.