Hermes Pavois Brown Pillow Cover

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This iconic Pavois or "Bulwarks" by renowned French artist, Philippe Ledoux, was first issued by Hermès in 1964. His regal design depicts the beautiful nautical flags from various 16th century European nations and city states whose navies were the "bulwarks" against aggression, most often each other's.
The charming size is perfect for anywhere in your home. Great as a single piece or in a collection, they're sure to turn heads, spark conversation and garner envy.

  • 100% silk Hermès Pavois 17" scarf
  • Sweet detail of an Hermès ribbon
  • Pillow cover will be approximately 17" square with recycled tabac leather pillow reverse fabric and cotton inner-lining for durability
  • Behind the scenes design experience will give exclusive access to our family-owned ateliers from your own location via FaceTime

Exclusively ours, sourced and altered from independently authenticated vintage silks to conserve consumption of Earth's scarce natural resources.  Company is not affiliated with Hermès of Paris.