American Impressionism

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This exquisite little volume will satisfy the ever-growing passion for American Impressionism.

The concise text—written by Dr. William H. Gerdts, the preeminent scholar in the field—provides a vivid summary, starting with the roots of American Impressionism and its relationship to French Impressionism. This book then recounts how American Impressionism progressed from an avant-garde aesthetic assaulted by critics to its years of triumph and its diverse manifestations throughout the country.

This Tiny Folio™ edition includes all of the master works in full color, from Childe Hassam's sun-drenched gardens to John Twachtman's snow-silenced landscapes, from Edmund Tarbell's coolly elegant ladies in dim, luxurious interiors to Frederick Frieseke's light-dappled nudes. With its wealth of breathtaking illustrations, American Impressionism offers lasting pleasure to anyone beguiled by the loveliness of this incomparable style.